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Zadig & Voltaire Footwear

When Zadig&Voltaire's design studio creates shoes, it aims to create liberating styles. That's why the range is mainly made up of sneakers and boots with small or medium heels–in...

any case, shoes that encourage you to be free, that invite you to take over the city, without excluding a trip to the countryside. Our iconic High Flash sneakers are oh-so versatile–perfect with a trouser suit, they work both day and night, so you can go out in sneakers and remain stylish.  The ZV 1747, Blaze or Wave styles are equally versatile, designed for the modern woman. Tyler, Laureen, Pilar, Joe or N'Dricks, the brand's boots, are inspired by military rangers or Western boots and share this adaptability. Be it chic or casual, you can match them with absolutely any look. This doesn't mean we've forgotten about pumps or sandals. This is what style and freedom have in common–they only exist if you can wear whatever you wan

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