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Serra by Joie Rucker




SERRA is a line of luxury essentials with deep roots in denim. SERRA clothing is modular, timeless and inspired. Every garment in the SERRA collection is soft and washed specially to bring out the quality of our fabrics.

Designed for the modern woman who requires versatility, quality, style, value, and cares about the health of the planet and community.  

SERRA is designed by Joie Rucker, a well-known casual luxury designer with a passion for the high-low esthetic of the East and West Coasts. SERRA is the culmination of Joie’s design and fit expertise honed over many years creating casual luxury brands.

“Future Vintage” is a key driving force behind the brand; our products are designed to last and be foundational to every wardrobe. We are making legacy clothing responsibly. 

Throw-away clothing is no longer a responsible choice. There is no “away”.

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