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Second Aura Jewelry


Meet Our Metals !


Your Jewellery Metal Guide!


Read along the differences in metal WE carry.


Sterling Silver or .925 Silver:

Our everyday favourite. If you like white metal, chances are you have a lot of sterling silver in your collection. It is durable and made to be worn everyday. The number 925 refers to the thousand, with copper constituting the remaining 75/1000 of the alloy.


*Allergy warning : If you have extremely sensitive skin  (like holding a silver ring gives you a rash) its best to look for sterling silver plated in rhodium. The rhodium layer will protect the wearer from any contact with the low low concentration of nickel that does come in SOME sterling silvers. (Typically vintage or older pieces as the most common alloy is now copper)



10 Karat and 14 Karat Solid

Solid Gold is a timeless favourite. Can be worn everyday for a life time it will never lose its colour. Solid gold comes in different purities. The most common solid gold we carry is 10 Karat and 14 Karat ( not to be confused with “carat” which refers to a unit to measure stones).  If a piece is marked 14 karat this means it is 14 parts solid gold and 10 parts alloyed metal. The higher the karat means the more malleable and delicate it is. Having alloy in the metal does not mean it is less desirable, if a harder metal is added the more durable the piece is !



14K Gold-filled

Gold-filled Jewellery is an amazing and affordable alternative to solid gold. It is durable and keeps its colour for time to come. Gold filled pieces consist of a brass base metal that is fused to a layer of gold clad. We use a 14K solid base. After it is fused the gold filled base ( brass + 14k ) is then plated in solid gold giving it a rich true to colour. Gold filled jewellery can last a very long time.




Plated in 22KT Yellow Gold:

When you see in our description that something is plated in “22 KT Yellow Gold” you’re probably wondering what does that mean for me ?Is it gold? What’s underneath? All of our pieces that are plated have a STERLING SILVER base. That means no brassy looking piece.

We use the best plating we possibly can meaning these pieces, if taken care of properly can last a long time. The 22Kt plating adds a genuine gold colour. It is brighter (higher karat plating)  that our 14k gold filled option so keep that in mind if you are pairing.


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