oval square is a mix of contemporary fashion and timeless silhouettes. it’s for people who dare to stand out and be creative with their own unique expression yet also appreciate good basics and classic suiting.
the concept is to challenge the expected by creating contrasts in design and styling, to inspire an individual look, no matter who you are. it’s a brand that hopes to give everyone the confidence to wear exactly whatever they feel like. 
normality doesn’t exist and imperfection is our perfection.

our brand values

breaking rules — not traditions 
don’t fix what isn’t broken but dare to kill the darlings. some classics are made to stay and makes a solid base for a wardrobe. sometimes just as they are and sometimes with a new twist.

inspired by others — to be yourself 
we all get inspired to create our own identity. it can be people, places or things around us. whether it’s a vibe, a small detail or a complete lifestyle. it’s how we mix it all together that creates a personal expression. 

sometimes basic — never boring 
appreciating basics doesn’t mean you are boring. it’s an opportunity for your personality to shine in minimalism. we create basics with a purpose that are easy to combine in many ways. 

proud — but never pretentious 
we have confidence in what we do, and are proud of how far we have become. but we are always looking to develop and be innovative in a world that is constantly moving. 

planet conscious — by nature 
we are transparent about our brand, and we are striving to do better everyday by reevaluating our process and production in each steps. we are constantly researching for better and more responsible solutions. we are not there yet and might never fully be.