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Laidback London

Having moved to London in 1997, the label’s founder wanted to bring back a part of the laid-back lifestyle he had experienced growing up on the coastal town of Mombassa to the big city. The first pair of laidback london sandals were sold in the summer of 2002 from a market stall on the Portobello Road.

Giving back. Making a difference.

From small beginnings, the brand has now grown into an infrastructure which supports job creation in local communities. Keeping processes hand made allows us to support maximum employment.

With your support, laidback london's pieces create jobs, providing sustainable incomes for crafters, helping to preserve traditional skills in craftsmanship. This work empowers local communities,  giving hope and providing opportunities through education for future generations.

Made by hand.

Our leathers, sourced from a local, family owned tannery, are hand dyed and sundried before being cut. The uppers are then hand embellished with tiny colourful beads using a technique that symbolises the traditions of the various local tribes. Different to any other, this painstaking method of sewing every fourth bead directly onto the leather can take one person up to half a day to embellish just two pairs of sandals.

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