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J Brand

J Brand is a leader not just in the denim and fashion spaces—we aim to embody the elevated lifestyle of the modern Canadian consumer. Our product is truly about the person who wears it and his or her individual expression of our creation. We believe his or her approach to shopping is the same as his or her approach to everything else in life: elevated, pared back, and functional. We create denim and ready-to-wear pieces that seamlessly fit into this lifestyle, with an emphasis on sustainability and a keen awareness of the impact we have on the world at large. We are passionate in our belief that the person makes the outfit, not the other way around, and that passion drives us to constantly ideate, create, and innovate.      

J Brand was founded in 2005 in Los Angeles, the original premium denim brand based in DTLA—starting a trend that continues to this day and defining the city as the denim capital of the world. At the brand’s first fittings, the designers renounced the relaxed fit that was mainstream at the time, and the first true skinny jean was born. As the first denim company to introduce a skinny silhouette to the global market, J Brand soon introduced other directional styles and fabrications: the Houlihan skinny cargo, the Maria high-rise skinny, and the trademark Photo Ready denim, among others. The debut men’s collection launched in 2008, and the first women’s ready-to-wear line came in Spring 2012—featuring luxe materials and a modern design sensibility, the collection was intended to pair back to the brand’s already-iconic denim pieces.

Japanese retail giant Fast Retailing (owner of Uniqlo, Helmut Lang, and Theory, among others) purchased the majority of J Brand in 2012, and the brand has undergone a major refresh since—Fast Retailing inspires and innovates J Brand’s identity, culture, and products, as well as giving the brand a second home base in the world’s other denim capital, Tokyo. Viewed as denim leaders for well over a decade, the brand’s current direction harkens back to its roots while continuing to evolve and provide luxury products at a premium price point.

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