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Brother x Frere


The collection is designed in good taste - a simple, well groomed, stylish range - without excessive embellishments with an emphasis on quality, detailing and comfort.  Product is well priced and produced in Europe. The shoes are timeless but not vintage, carefully conceptualized with what is current today.

With over 25 years of extensive experience in the footwear industry, we’ve decided to put our world class experience into creating a brand that not only offers great style and superior quality but affordable prices direct to the customer.

With our hands on approach at building and managing product lines for major retailers we’ve built close relationships with trusted footwear producers, tanneries, last and soles makers. So we have all the ingredients to make fine footwear without inflating the cost to our customer. By honouring the traditions of shoe-makers our customers have access to amazing design, style, quality, well crafted and comfortable footwear without the large ticket prices. Our well curated and easy to wear footwear collection gives our gentlemen great shoes for every occasion.

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