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add Down Parkas

add was founded in 1999 and immediately stood out for lightening up and revolutionising the world of outerwear. Down jackets are no longer considered a shapeless sack, unflattering for the female physique and merely useful for keeping warm, but have become a sophisticated garment with slim and tailored fits, suitable for every occasion. Combining thirty years of technical know-how with the best quilting available on the market and the lightest fabrics beaten to prevent down loss, add pulled off the feat.

The brand is now synonymous with elegance and personality.

Each season, add creates collections for men, women and children, adapting the original essence of the brand to seasonal trends, proposing an experimentation of styles and forms, from the classic to more elaborate and conceptual designs.

All add products meet the criteria of essentiality, simplicity, elegance and creativity.

Today, add is present in around a thousand boutiques and department stores worldwide.

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