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34 Heritage Jeans

34 Heritage is a premium denim brand, engineered for comfort and luxury.  The brand embodies progressive and sophisticated design, incorporating both contemporary and classic denim styles with top quality materials and exceptional handcrafted details.  Distributed to discriminating men when the standards of casual dress need to be set, 34 Heritage is the discerning man's jean, guaranteed to fit and flatter where other jeans fall flat.

34 Heritage delivers perfected modern and classic fits for gentleman of various shapes and sizes.  This is where 34 Heritage continuously delivers to an elite audience, building a loyal following of leading men's stores.

34 Heritage was created for today's gentleman-evolved, well traveled and stylish; always insisting on the best even when out of their office suit.  Every aspect of his life is luxurious and premium - that is why he wears 34 Heritage

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