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Nation LTD.

Nation LTD. Reeve Lace Up Tee

$215.00 CAD
Freehand Stripe

A vintage-inspired cut with a modern, feminine feel. It’s an elevated short sleeve tee with a lace up neckline. Keep it laced for extra polish, or loosen up for a perfectly undone vibe. (This one comes in Freehand Stripe.)

100% cotton. 3 months to biodegrade depending on soil conditions.

What we love:
Cotton is a completely natural, soft staple fiber
Breathable fabric that pairs well with warm weather
Biodegrades much faster than most fabrics

What we don’t love:
We have limited traceability on the origin of this cotton (but we’re working on it)

Adjustable drawstring

Bra friendly100% cotton. Soft with some stretch.

Garment care: Machine washable. To prevent any slight shrinking, air dry or dry on a low setting. We also recommend washing these items separate from abrasive items like denim, towels, or items with hardware (zippers, buttons) as it causes unnecessary wear and tear.

Form-fitting. Snug through the bust and waist.