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Nation LTD.

Nation LTD. - Elliott Stripe Shirt

$265.00 CAD
Mini Stripe - Blue + White

The spring essential you'll save for summer. An effortless (buttonless) blouse with an easy open collar, cuffed cap sleeves, and classic shirttail you can half-tuck, fully-tuck, whatever you want. (This one comes in blue and white Mini Stripe.)

An easy fit that is a little roomier than our signature slim fit, but not quite oversized.

58% Viscose, 21% Cotton, 21% Polyester. Airy with a little texture.

Garment care:
Dry clean. Drop at an environmentally friendly dry cleaner as needed.

58% Viscose, 21% Cotton, 21% Polyester. Landfill time for blended fabrics can be hard to predict. The polyester content may cause this garment to take up to 200 years to biodegrade.

What we love:
-Cotton is a completely natural, soft staple fiber
-Both Cotton and Viscose biodegrade much faster than most fabrics
-Viscose is soft as silk (but is more breathable and durable)

What we don’t love:
-We have limited traceability on the origin of these materials (but we’re working on it)
-Viscose production requires a high concentration of chemicals that pollutes air and water
-Most Viscose production impacts rainforests and contributes to deforestation*
*Because we have limited traceability on the origin of this Viscose, we can only assume this to be true.