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Nation LTD.

Nation LTD. - Babs Square Neck Tank

$115.00 CAD

A chic square neck tank with elevated textured details for those “throw on and go” days. Pair it with pleated trousers for a casual vibe, or maybe a silky maxi skirt for a luxe look. (This one comes in Jet Black.)

89% Cotton, 7% Cotton Modal, 4% Spandex. 3 months to biodegrade depending on soil conditions, but the synthetic portion will remain anywhere from 20-200 years.

What we love:
Cotton is a completely natural, soft staple fiber
Cotton and cotton modal biodegrade much faster than most fabrics
Cotton modal is a variant of rayon made from beech tree fibers, which don’t need much water to grow, and uses 10-20 times less water and fewer chemical treatments during production
Cotton modal fibers are very strong and durable (but soft and breathable) and are resistant to fabric pilling and shrinkage

What we don’t love:
We have limited traceability on the origin of these materials (but we’re working on it) Spandex is plastic, and plastic is a byproduct of petroleum.

Bra friendly

Form-fitting. Snug through the bust and waist.

89% Cotton, 7% Cotton Modal, 4% Spandex. Ultra-soft, stretchy, and won’t lose its shape.

Garment care: Machine washable. To prevent any slight shrinking, air dry or dry on a low setting. We also recommend washing these items separate from abrasive items like denim, towels, or items with hardware (zippers, buttons) as it causes unnecessary wear and tear.