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Molliolli - Aria Velboa Point Muffler Scarf

$119.00 CAD


It is a long muffler that can be worn twice because of its long length. It is a style that can be fixed neatly with kesca on both ends! You can create it by tying it around once.

molliolli uses fabric from Tissavel

High-quality T-Sabelle fabric selected by European luxury brands
Moglioli products are made with the technology of Tisabel, France, which boasts a 70-year tradition, and
It is made of high quality faux fur fabric.
T-Sabelle fabric not only provides superior touch feeling than real fur, but also prevents hair loss,
Innovative material with high thermal insulation.
Currently, T Sabel fabric is selected by luxury brands around the world.
It is recognized for its high quality.