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Kerri Rosenthal

Kerri Rosenthal - Drenched in Love Heart Tee

$135.00 CAD


My Drenched In Love Tee shirt  is based on the first Drippy Heart painting that  I painted in my original painting series. Through a special printing process, I was able to replicate the original painting with all of the saturation and drips of the original painting!  I paint Drippy Hearts weekly on a commission basis.  Wear it and express how you feel in your heart. XO, Kerri

  • Comfortable fit

  • 100% cotton

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 Chic for a day at the beach or throw a blazer over it for a cool summer evening look.

 Crew Neck Tee shirt is  available  in sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL

Imported and printed in the U.S.A