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Cydwoq - Tomcat (bronze)

$174.00 $348.00

CYDWOQ design is a fusion of Rafi’s diverse, international experience. His Armenian heritage, extensive travel throughout Europe, and his education and life in America all find expression in the lines, textures, and materials of CYDWOQ products.

An avid skier, mountain biker, car enthusiast, and student of architecture and archeology, Rafi believes that breathtaking beauty and efficient functionality are not mutually exclusive concepts. In fact, he marries the two in every product he creates.

All CYDWOQ shoes are designed from the bottom—the sole—up. The insole forms a perfect union with the bottom of the foot, while the outsole and uppers support the naturally circular motion of walking. And the choice of materials is integral to the design. Leather is used because it breathes and stretches, and softens while retaining its strength.

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