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Style Stick


Repairs a fallen pant or skirt hem in an instant

• Closes gaping necklines and button gaps quickly and easily

• Keeps shirt collars down and prevents curling

• Holds straps in place and prevents slipping

• Adjusts pants to multiple heel heights without alterations

• Holds pocket flaps and tie tails flush and in place

• Prevents strapless tops and dresses from sliding

• Add embellishments and design details easily to any outfit

• Non Toxic, Acid Free, No Dyes or Fragrances, Water Soluble

This unique fabric adhesive comes in an easy to use stick and is safe to use on cottons, blends, polyester, denim, wool, silks, and nylons.



Can I reapply Style Stick®?

Yes you can. Simply reapply Style Stick® wherever needed, by following the instructions provided.

Can I reposition the fabric after I have applied it?

Yes you can. You’ll have up to one to two full minutes before the compound starts to completely set. During that time you’ll be able to reposition as needed. Once repositioned, press fabric firmly together for 30 seconds and let set for one minute.

How many applications do I get per stick?

The exact number will vary depending upon the fabric type and the size of the area being treated. The average number of applications is 50-100 per stick.

Is Style Stick® safe to have in contact with skin?

Yes, Style Stick® is non-toxic, acid-free and safe for use on skin. When using Style Stick® to adhere fabric to skin, it works best in dry climates as the humidity and perspiration can cause the compound to break down and not work as effectively. It’s also important to apply Style Stick® to clean, dry skin that is free of any lotions and/or oils.

Will Style Stick® “bleed through” or discolour fabrics?

No, Style Stick® will not bleed through or discolour fabrics. There may be a slight white residue which will come off in the wash or at the dry cleaners.

How long will Style Stick® hold a hem or fabric in place?

Style Stick® is a temporary adhesive that’s designed to hold fabric in place until it is washed or dry cleaned. If it should come loose for any reason, simply reapply.

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